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SkyGarden Green Roof Media

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 Long before green roofs were commonplace, we developed our SkyGarden division at Stancills.  As one of the oldest green roof producers in the country we understood then what we still practice today – quality and longevity matter.

Possibly the most critical component in determining the long-term success of a green roof is the growing media. Quality media promotes root establishment and well-draining soil for the years to come. 

 We offer our standard extensive, semi-intensive, and intensive blends, along with drainage media, all which meet FLL Guidelines.

 Maybe you are looking for something different. We also specialize in custom blending. Need the weight changed?  Does the pH or organic need to be modified? We can help.

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Stancill’s SkyGarden offers our standard green roof media blends as well as the opportunity to modify the mix to meet the specific needs of your selected plants or unique roof conditions.

We are approved to offer MDSHA bio and topsoil as well as MDE B.4.1. bioretention soils. We are certified to blend DNREC Bio-14 as well as several other bio soil blends

These mixes are an attractive alternative to traditional walkways and meet ADA-compliance requirements

We offer three options of ball field mixes, as well as warning tracks, turf soils, and custom blends.

We offer custom blends for your unique projects. We offer custom blends for your unique projects. We offer custom blends for your unique projects.

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